discovering the heart of Oman

Salut Museum


Located along the western piedmont of the al-Hajar mountains, where a belt of large oasis favour relative large scale settlement, Salut is a key-site for understanding the roots of Omani culture and trace its developments at least from the third millennium BC to modern days. (© of the Office of the Adviser to HM the Sultan for Cultural Affairs)
A long lasting occupation that span all the Iron Age and a remarkable extension are only some of the quality of Qaryat Salut, the newly discovered settlement surrounding Husn Salut. Travel between past and present following the ongoing excavations and enjoy the amazing finds.
During the Bronze Age, hundreds of stone tombs stood out against the sky, punctuating the hills around Salut and marking the territory of a community capable of building huge structures and complex irrigation systems.
At the very beginning of the Iron Age, Salut became a flourishing site with an astonishing architecture, built to last over seven hundred years. Explore its features and crafts, typical of the period in the whole south-eastern Arabia.
The prominence of the site slightly faded away as it faced centuries of abandonment, yet its importance did not go completely lost and a new Islamic village arose on top of the ancient ruins. See where they lived and what has survived to our days.